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University Wordmark

The university wordmark is the cornerstone of the Iowa State University brand. It is critical that the wordmark be used in a clear and consistent manner on all applications. The university wordmark must be used on all apparel or promotional items. Below are the approved orientations of the wordmark. Trademark and registered trademark usage information also can be found in the TM and  ®  Guidelines section below.

Color Palette

Color is the most recognizable element of any university brand. The colors shown below are approved for all apparel and promotional items. Please click here to review the approved wordmark color combinations. Please note that denim is only applicable to apparel items.




The type families of Univers and Berkeley are the only fonts to be used on all print design applications. See for the set of most commonly used fonts for Iowa State printed materials. These fonts are available for purchase through

Event Date/Year

Promotional item design for any internal faculty/staff or student event must include the event date or year.

Promotional Items Application Example

The above design principles have been applied to a coffee mug example that represents a potential one- and two-sided application.

Mug CoHS Mug Faculty Staff

TM and ® Guidelines

Our style guide (provided to all of our licensees) explains when to use which trademark notice on our different marks. Generally, if going on apparel, including headwear and footwear, the ® needs to be used. All other classes of goods would get a TM. There are some exceptions, however, such as “CY,” “CLONE,” “CYCLONE,” “HILTON MAGIC,” “THE MAYOR,” and more that always require a TM because they are not federally registered in any product class. Additional information regarding usage of  ® and TM in relation to wordmark is outlined on the Brand Marketing website.

More Info/Questions

For Frequently Asked Questions, please click here. For all trademark guideline inquiries, please contact the Trademark Licensing Office. The Iowa State wordmark can be downloaded from the Iowa State University Printing Services website. Iowa State licensed vendors have access to all university athletic marks; the marks do not need to be provided by Iowa State staff or students to vendors/printers.

Ready to Submit Your Design?

Once you’ve reviewed the brand standards and created your promotional item artwork, please click here to complete the Internal Trademark Use Request Form.